A Free Ring Doorbell? Is this a scam?

A Free Ring Doorbell? Is this a scam?

There’s a new “amazing offer” going around Facebook saying you can get a Ring doorbell for free. We all know that these too good to be true offers are a scam, right? Or is it? 

I looked into the claims in this offer after someone I actually trust and know wouldn’t be easily duped posted it, and it so happens that this is actually a legit offer. 

How does it work?

Ring has created an app called Neighbors that this promotion is centered around. They describe Neighbors as:

“Neighbors is the new neighborhood watch. Get real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors and local law enforcement.

Neighbors is more than an app, it’s the power of your community coming together to keep you safe and informed.”

Ok, so how do I get a free doorbell? Well, when you use a referral link to join Neighbors, Ring will give you $10 in free product credit to use in the ring.com store. But the basic doorbell costs $100, so how is that free? This is why you are seeing so many posts on Facebook about it. For every person who joins Neighbors through your Ring referral link, you get and additional $10 in Ring product credit. 

Refer 9 people (get $90) and use your initial $10 for joining and you’ve got $100 in credit that you can use to purchase a doorbell in the ring store. Just like that, you earned a free Ring doorbell. 

Other notes:

  • You can use the Ring product credit for any item on their site. 

  • You will earn $10 for any referral, so if you have a lot of friends, you could be swimming in Ring merch. 

  • The app is actually good! Neighbors can share videos from their Ring products in real time, police departments add information, and it is interesting! 

  • The app is free. Nothing out of pocket to join. 

For once, the “amazing” offer on Facebook isn’t a scam, but there is a bit of legwork. I’d say it’s worth it if you’re looking to upgrade your home security.

Free Ring Doorbell - Scam