10 Must Have Baby Registry Items - and 3 to Skip

You just found out you are pregnant! Congratulations! After the morning sickness subsides and you can embrace the excitement of your growing family, what’s the best thing to do? Create a baby registry of course!

I remember setting up my Amazon registry with excitement, sitting down with my iPad ready to pick out the necessities for my little guy, and then being overwhelmed by the number of baby items that were available to choose from.

There are the given items like a stroller, a high chair, and a pack-n-play, but with so many other options available creating a baby registry can be daunting. Here are the ten things I think should be on every baby registry - and three to skip.

Carrier – Whether it is a sling style or a soft side, a baby carrier is a lifesaver! Perfect for walks around the mall or vacuuming the living room.

Sock–Ons – One of the most time-consuming tasks for new parents is chasing down tiny socks that mysteriously come off of baby feet. Sock-ons are a genius invention that go on over a sock and it actually stays in place. I recommend a few pair.

Tub – Sink baths are great in theory, but generally a pain in the butt. A baby tub is perfect for bathing during your little nugget’s first year.

Boppy/Feeding Pillow – You are going to use this one a LOT! They are perfect for bottle feeding or breastfeeding to help keep sore arms and back at bay.

Bottle Cleaning supplies – Make sure to have a few bottle brushes, a drying rack, and microwave sanitizing bags are fantastic and easy to use.

Washcloths and Burpcloths – get a LOT and keep them stashed around the house. You will need them constantly for spit up, milk and plenty of other miscellaneous messes.

Swing or Rock-n-Play – Feel free to go pretty simple on these, there are options that play music and vibrate – even a few with a fan- but as long as it swings or rocks, it is great.

Skip Hop Tote – A changing tote is a great option for shorter trips with a kiddo. A few diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and the built-in changing mat are all you need for a shopping trip or dinner out when you don’t want to haul along the bulky diaper bag.

Nose Frida – I know. Sucking snot out of your baby’s nose seems gross. I know. Trust me though, this is the most effective tool for baby colds and is easy to clean. The traditional ball style booger suckers have a very high tendency to become filled with mold. Yes, mold. Get the Nose Frida.

Monitor- You are going to need it. I recommend a video monitor but a walkie-talkie style monitor works great.


To Skip:

Wipes Warmer – You just don’t need it. If you feel your wipes are too cold for your baby’s booty just hold it in your hand for a few seconds and it will be perfect. Don’t waste time and energy on a wipes warmer.

Clothes – people LOVE to buy baby clothes and you will receive plenty, save space on your registry for other necessities.

Diapers – Diapers are another add-on that people just know that you need. Unless you are cloth diapering and would like specific styles, sign up for Amazon Family and save money on auto shipments instead of registering.

On a final note, always ask for gift cards! Once baby comes home and you realize something you REALLY need, keeping a stash of gift cards will always be a lifesaver.