About Leah

It all started with AOL, when I found out that the internet let me interact with new people all over the world, I was hooked on social media. Years and many platforms later (I'm almost certain I still have open accounts on MySpace and Friendster) I knew this was where my passions lie. 

My career has taken me from an agency where I got my feet wet managing social media for seven clients, to growing a successful digital presence for a nationwide craft brewery, to freelance consulting work. Most recently I have joined the ranks of the Direct Selling world and can see the amazing opportunity for everyday people to create their own successful business. There is also amazing opportunity to use social media as a tool to help your business reach its highest potential without having to feel pushy or sell to your friends and family over and over again.

I am a Fargo, ND native who took a 13 year vacation to San Diego, CA. I returned to my home city with my newly acquired husband and son. We are all trying to pretend we are getting used to Fargo winters, and don't miss the beach at all.